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Introduction to Meditation Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Translators:Vibka Wallder Publisher:FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Publish Date:January 2021 Language: Bilingual: German and English ( Sample English Sample) Pages:461 Size:DIN A5 Weight:Approx. 730g Binding:Hardback ISBN-13:9780992449735 Price:HK$400  /  CN¥389   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

This is an introduction to truth meditation, its application and its benefits to human life.

The teaching of meditation is the spiritual teaching for self-cognition, which is based in the recognition of that which is truly real and the mastering/controlling of all factors of the spiritual and physical life.

The teaching of meditation is the teaching of *Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, which is based in absolute logic according to the laws of sevenness, explained in the value of the *Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit.

* Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit means: ‘‘ To achieve a result without tension, force, energy effort or strength etc. Concerning meditation it means that the goal is set, namely meditation and performing it, but then it is just performed, without any thought of ‘I will’, ‘I want’, ‘I have to’, etc. Just doing and letting it happen. ’’ —Christian Frehner

Introduction to Meditation allows the human being to learn meditation through one’s own study. Therefore he/she does not need to visit ‘gurus’ and ‘yogis’, who, for much money, want to make him/her believe that they could bring him/her ‘salvation’, although thereby they only make him/her dependent, exploit him/her, poison his/her thinking and consequently enslave him/her in his/her consciousness.

The study of meditation, however, is very hard and requires much commitment, willingness to learn and perseverance, if the human being wants to enjoy the unsurpassable gifts of consciousness.

Meditation does not simply serve the purpose of relaxation, which is why it is also recommended by doctors. No, it serves especially the self-disciplining of the human being, the schooling of his/her consciousness, the cognition and the creating of inner peace and equalisedness, and the actual mastering of life in general.

If the human being studies this book accurately and heedfully, and acts according to the presented knowledge, then these and many other cognitions will be granted to him/her.