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8 April 2020
We all stay home because of the global coronavirus pandemic, what would be a better choice than to study Billy’s teachings in peace? Billy Books brings you three new German books from FIGU: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte  (Pleiadian-plejarische Contact Reports) Block 16, Erdenmenschheit, strebe endlich nach Frieden und Freiheit statt nach Krieg und Terror  (Earth humanity, strive for long lasting peace and freedom instead of war and terror) and Wenn der Mensch glücklich und zufrieden werden will …  (If the human being wants to become happy and content…). Due to the pandemic situation, postal services to certain destinations are currently being affected to varying degrees. Those who consider ordering are welcome to ask us for details. Please take good care of yourselves, keep social distance and beat the virus together! Best regards to all our friends.
3 February 2020
Today is Billy’s 83rd birthday! Together with all our friends, we wish him good luck, good health and all the best. Today is also the 6th anniversary of Billy Books, heartfelt thanks to all our friends for the strong support through all these years, by now we have equipped with almost all Billy’s publications, the biggest showcase besides FIGU Switzerland; looking forward, we surely will try our best in excelling our current service to all friends of Billy books. We earnestly hope that the Plejaren’s Messages and Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings can be heard all around the world, may all humanity learn and exercise the wisdom within, such that working hand in hand we can create a sustainable bright future.
18 September 2019
Bernadette Brand’s latest German book, Lernschritte Artikel und Gedanken zur Geisteslehre und Feststellungen in bezung auf Billy  (Learning Steps: Articles and Thoughts About the Spiritual Teaching and Findings Concerning Billy), is now on our shelf. As a first-hand information recorder and witness, Bernadette shared in this new book her articles and thoughts on Billy’s spiritual teachings and findings during the several decades that she had been following Billy and so on. Friends who are interested in learning Billy Meier's case from the perspective of this invaluable insider are welcome to get a copy.
19 June 2019
Diversikum, the legacy of Guido Moosbrugger, an old friend of Billy Meier, is now available. This German book houses topics that people have been questioning since time immemorial. It includes rare information and explanations of the beginning and end of the universe, the meaning and ways of physical and spiritual life, UFO, extraterrestrial civilizations, spiritual teachings, etc. Those who are interested in unravelling mysteries of the universe may consider getting a copy.
23 April 2019
According to FIGU’s announcement dated 6 April 2019, Quetzal’s latest invention offered great convenience to those who would like to practice Peace Meditation in promoting and achieving world peace. “Peace Meditation Pyramid” is no longer a must now, and peace meditation can be performed at any time and any date. For more information, please refer to the Latest Announcement on “Peace Meditation”.
18 March 2019
FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada brings us new work again—the German/English bilingual version of Arahat Athersata is now published and available at Billy Books. If you would like to know what messages and guidelines AA had sent to earthly humanity, please come and get a copy.
3 February 2019
In celebrating Billy Meier’s birthday, like-minded people in Hong Kong created a new website “Billy Meier Hong Kong Research Centre”. We are privileged to have the concurrence of Swiss FIGU, Canada and Australia FIGU, Michael Horn, Future of Mankind, 愛人的心 ... to use and relay their photos, videos and messages etc. The website is now under construction. During the initial phase, the website will be mainly in English, and it is targeted to be filled with more and more Chinese translations gradually. Please stay tuned for more updates.
3 February 2019
Today is Billy Meier’s 82nd birthday! Like-minded people all around the world would express their good wishes towards Billy, while it is impossible for Billy to respond individually, in a thanksgiving card he wrote, “To all people who have remembered my birthday and, as in the years before, sent me kind greetings and good wishes again. As for me, I too send many kind thoughts to my loyal friends everywhere in the world.”
19 Auguest 2018
Two versions of Peace Meditation Pyramid produced by FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada are now available in Hong Kong. The mini and regular versions are made to suit a maximum of two and seven concurrent participants respectively. All pyramids are handmade, and the price of the [Canada Mini Version] is lower than that of the [Switzerland Mini Version]. In order to promote world peace, Billy Books is selling all peace meditation pyramids at cost. For a bright and peaceful future of all earth humans, all are welcome to take part in Peace Meditation.
1 July 2018
Many thanks to FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada for their great contribution in making the German/English bilingual version of FIGU's publications available, the new Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching is released! This edition contains a collection of 624 symbols, of which 24 are new additions. Those who are interested in having a look at the symbols of the spiritual teaching chosen and retrieved from Nokodemion’s Storage Banks by Billy Meier, applying them in meditation or understanding their full meaning, please come and get a copy. Further, we have a few new Postcards on the shelf. Readers will receive 1 free postcard of their choice for every purchase of 2 Books from us.
8 June 2018
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte  (Pleiadian-plejarische Contact Reports) Block 15 is published and now available at Billy Books. This block covers records of the 646-680th contact between Billy Meier and the Plejaren from 3 March 2016 to 7 May 2017. In addition, another new German book Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ursprung aller Existenz  (Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Origin of All Existence) is now available. Those who are interested in knowing more about the origin of all existence or the big bang may consider getting a copy.
3 February 2018
It is Billy’s 81st birthday! Wishing our prophet of the new age healthy, happy and many happy returns! By the way, today is Billy Books’ fouth anniversary as well, our heartfelt thanks to your great support for all these years, in return, we are glad to lower the book prices against the postal saving achieved via an alternative operator. In 2018, we will continue our effort in bringing the best service possible to all our friends, please visit us to find out more. Wishing you all a very successful Year of the Dog!
16 September 2017
The e-book version of Goblet of the Truth (German/English bilingual) is updated to 2015 version, please visit our [Catalog / Info] section and download for free. Kindly also share our Download Link with interested friends, as wider coverage of this valuable book is beneficial to all mankind.
5 September 2017
Decalogue / Dodecalogue (German/English bilingual version) is published and now available at Billy Books. This very important book was transmitted from the Petale pure-spirit-level and contains detailed explanations pertaining to the Ten Commandments in their original form, including two other recommendations. You may wish to consider getting a copy.
7 July 2017
Exciting news! We recently located a Canada logistics agent that can offer lower shipping cost for sending books from FIGU Canada to Hong Kong. As good service is our aim, and to please all our dear friends of Billy Books, we gladly reduce the price of Talmud Jmmanuel [Limited Version] and the English booklets. Your smile is our reward.
7 July 2017
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte  (Pleiadian-plejarische Contact Reports) Block 14 is published and now available at Billy Books. Besides, our English Booklets collection has added three items, namely 77 Meditations, Diet and Nutrition and Physical Well-being. Please refer to our latest Product List for details.
12 May 2017
In recent months, some Friends of Billy Books, especially those from Mainland China, found that our newsletters and even our email replies had been dropped into the spam folder of their mailboxes. More lately, some reported that our emails could not be found even in their spam folders. Our last newsletter was No.22 issued on 8 April, if any Friends of Billy Books have not received this issue, please email us to bon@billybooks.org. Thank you!
3 April 2017
The The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life from They Fly Productions is now available online for free on their YouTube channel. This documentary could possibly be the last filmed interview of Billy. Within this video, you can see the 76 years old Billy in action, answering questions from all over the world. Please come and have a look.
31 March 2017
The Talmud Jmmanuel has been the best-selling book in Billy Books over the past few months. Recently, its [Limited Version] has also arrived and is now available! Content of this 2.3kg limited version is exactly the same as that of the [Standard Version], but with larger and solider fonts, and therefore more readable and convenient for study. This [Limited Version] will possibly become collector’s item, you may wish to consider getting a copy.
3 February 2017
Today is a big day! It is Billy’s birthday, and he is now 80! Let us wish him healthy, happy and longevity! And, this is also the third anniversary of Billy Books, we are grateful for the consistent support from our friends, we surely can run as usual. We will continue with our effort in bringing the latest FIGU publications to our friends in full speed, so that we all can share the great wisdom of Billy and the Plejaren. It is our aim that you can find your favorites within Billy Books, please come and download our Product List. Wishing everyone all the best and a successful Year of the Rooster!
3 February 2017
These days, unavoidably, we and the new generation are fully immersed in the abyss of electronic media, how do we deal with this phenomenon? We share with you sa’s posting “The Plejaren on the Danger of Electronic Media” (Chinese version) for your reference. Wish our friends a happy and prosperous Year of the Rooster!
10 December 2016
The long awaited English version of Talmud Jmmanuel is now available to all readers. This is the true story of the life and teaching of Jmmanuel, the man falsely known as “Jesus Christ”. Although the real story was falsified to beyond recognition within the New Testaments, Billy Meier succeeded in translating the original script into German, truth seekers will be astonished while reading the true story of the real prophet. Please come and take a look.
9 September 2016
To keep friends updated with the latest information available on the Billy Meier and Plejaren’s materials, we intend to enhance our service by sharing sa’s recent postings at Review33, starting this time with “Billy Meier on the US Presidential Election” via our newsletters and Facebook. Please Register as Friends of Billy Books and receive our newsletters for free.
29 April 2016
The Peace Meditation Pyramid (Mini) together with its Application Guidelines are now available online, the latest Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte  (Pleiadian-plejarische Contact Reports) Block 13 is also on the shelf now, we offer 5% discount on every order of 6 blocks. Please pay us a visit, download the Application Guidelines for free and consider contributing to World Peace.
3 February 2016
Today is Billy Meier’s birthday, we wish him happy and healthy. Today is also the 2nd anniversary of Billy Books, we are grateful for the consistent support of all our dear friends in the past two years. Billy Books has acquired around 90% (over 70 items) of FIGU’s publications by now, please download our Catalog and locate your own favorites. In 2016, to quench the thirst of all our friends, we will try our best to bring in the latest FIGU publications soonest, please come and visit Billy Books from time to time, we are always ready to serve, wish you all a prosperous year of the Monkey!
16 December 2015
The Way to Live—the latest English edition of Billy’s Die Art zu leben is now newly published and available to all readers. You are invited to take part in learning how to grow in knowledge, love, peace, wisdom and harmony. Besides, in order to cultivate a broader coverage, we have reduced the price of Might of the Thoughts.
1 December 2015
The German/English bilingual e-book version of Goblet of the Truth is now available for Free Download at Billy Books. You may like visiting our download page at [Catalog / Info]. Please also share our Download Link with interested friends, as wider coverage of this valuable book is beneficial to all mankind.
27 Auguest 2015
The German books Photo-Inventarium  (Photo Inventory), OM  (Omfalon Murado—Navel of Life) and Nokodemion, seine Folgepersönlichkeiten und die siebenfache Prophetenreihe auf der Erde  (Nokodemion, its derivatives personalities and the seven fold series prophets on Earth) are now officially on the shelf.
11 June 2015
After years of translation, the English edition of Billy Meier’s Goblet of the Truth is finally published and now on the shelf. Those who are fond of “Spiritual Teaching” should consider owning this valuable book where the contents and package are in perfect harmony.
19 May 2015
The download price for The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life is now reduced to US$15. Besides, e-book version of Through Space and Time (Photo Book), Michael Horn’s First Evidence: 1953–1964 and Sfath’s Explanation are now available.
10 April 2015
We have completed updating our inventory and have filled up our stock with some latest publications, including FIGU / Billy Meier’s Fragen an Billy vom Mai 2013, Das Leben richtig leben—Quer durchs Dasein, Zur Besinnung, Postcard P1245, as well as They Fly Productions / Michael Horn’s First Evidence: 1953–1964 and Sfath’s Explanation in e-book version. Please have a look at our latest Product List.
3 February 2015
Today is Billy Meier’s birthday, we wish him peace, healthy and many happy returns. Today is also the anniversary of Billy Books, we started off on Billy’s birthday last year, and we are grateful for the encouragement and support from Billy and the CG49. We have delivered over 200 books to our customers during the year, it was a 100% successful delivery with no postal lost. Billy Books thanks our friends for their valuable support all through the year of struggling for survival, we will refine our service quality and hope our friends find engaging with Billy Books enjoyable.
27 December 2014
The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life—the newest filmed interview of Billy Meier by Ricardo Ralson and Michael Horn is now available as a download! This documentary could possibly be the last filmed interview of Billy. Within this video, you can see the 76 years old Billy in action, answering questions from all over the world.
30 November 2014
Billy Books’ first FIGU publications showcase has been successfully completed during the “Hong Kong International UFO Congress 2014”. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to The Hong Kong UFO Club, her chairwoman Moon Fong and her team for their full support, and also to friends who have visited our booth. This is the first FIGU publications showcase in Asia, and most probably also the first large scale showcase outside of Switzerland, we are privileged to be able to make this event come true. For more about this historical event, please visit our Facebook Photo Album.
18 November 2014
Billy Books just received the blessing from CG49 and Billy Meier and was awarded the status of “Far East Representative of FIGU Publications”. We are very much honoured and will continue to try our best in providing quality service to all our friends. In addition, while supported by The Hong Kong UFO Club and her chairwoman Moon Fong, Billy Books will be holding a FIGU Publications showcase at the “Hong Kong International UFO Congress 2014” on 30 November 2014. Please come and have fun!
31 October 2014
All items on our Product List are ex stock, further, FIGU Postcards are now on the shelf. Buy 10 get 1 free! Also, to show our gratitude to your support, we will offer 1 free postcard for every purchase of 2 Books!
9 October 2014
Our Product List, which includes both English and German FIGU publications, is now ready for download. Friends of Billy Books will receive our Newsletter together with the product list real soon. Please come and enjoy our quality service.
9 September 2014
After months of effort, we are now equipped with 80% of FIGU’s German publications which amounts to 50 different items. A detailed book list is being prepared for distribution among friends of Billy Books via newsletter.
22 Auguest 2014
As of today, over 50 copies of Through Space and Time (Photo Book) are sold. After restocking and completing all pre-orders, we have only a few books left, book your copy now while stocks last.
12 July 2014
UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report and UFO ... Contact from the Pleiades: A Supplementary Investigation Report—the two valuable collectors’ items written by Wendelle Stevens, one of the world’s best known UFO investigators and researchers—now available in e-book version.
29 May 2014
All Through Space and Time (Photo Book) have been sold out. Thank you, friends, for all your enthusiasm! We will restock soon, book your copy now.
21 May 2014
Through Space and Time (Photo Book)—The marvelous UFO photo book, an out-of-print collector’s item is now made available by Billy Books.
14 May 2014
The EBE award winning documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth 2 DVD set is now on the shelf.
9 April 2014
Michael Horn Workshop: Standing in Spirit DVD—Michael Horn’s lecture—and Beamship Symphony CD—live Beamship sound recording by Billy Meier—are available.
2 April 2014
And still they fly! by Guido Moosbrugger the FIGU veteran is now available in e-book version. This great book is no longer in print, it is the first and best choice research material for the Billy Meier case.
31 March 2014
The Meier Contacts—The Key To Our Future Survival DVD produced by Michael Horn is now on the shelf.
27 March 2014
As the time fulfills DVD—A documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contact case by They Fly Productions is now available.
22 March 2014
Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche—by Billy Meier with spiritual teaching on consciousness and thoughts are now on the shelf.
3 February 2014
And Did They Listen? DVD—the brand new documentary by Michael Horn on the story of Billy Meier and the Plejaren is available first time in Hong Kong.
3 February 2014
In celebrating Billy Meier’s birthday, Billy Books officially launched her services.