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Latest Announcement/Update on Peace Meditation

(Revision Date: 5 April 2024)

Hi, everyone!

According to FIGU’s Latest Announcement/Update on Peace Meditationannouncement on 15 November 2020, Quetzal’s latest invention offers great convenience to official FIGU members who would like to practise group peace meditation in promoting and achieving world peace. The major messages are:

  1. For all official FIGU groups and members, group peace meditation can be scheduled to a convenient time of their own choice, e.g. before or after monthly meetings, and performed with or without peace meditation pyramid.

  2. With Quetzal’s latest invention, while group peace meditation is performed outside the scheduled time frame, the impulses of all participants will be stored and then transmitted during the scheduled time, hence the synchronization effect is maintained.

  3. Therefore, other than the group peace meditation mentioned above, all other people who would like to perform peace meditation and achieve the enhanced synchronization effect should stick to FIGU's official schedule and peace meditation pyramids should to be used.


  1. Peace meditation performed without peace meditation pyramid can also release positive impulses, which is beneficial to personal cultivation and world peace.

  2. To be clear, Quetzal’s latest invention only relaxes the traditional time frame requirement for official FIGU group members in performing group peace meditation. Apart from this, it has no other functions.

  3. From now on, official FIGU group members can choose a convenient date and time that suits all group members to perform group peace meditation. With the help of Quetzal’s new invention, group peace meditations are effective with or without peace meditation pyramids.

  4. In order to achieve the synchronization effect, FIGU CG49 and the 3.5 billion participants of the Plejaren Federation will continue with the scheduled peace meditation as usual.

Please consider joining the effort in achieving world peace through peace meditation whether you have a peace meditation pyramid or not.


sa & Bonnie