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Latest Announcement on Peace Meditation

(Latest Update: 2 January 2021)

Hi, everyone!

According to FIGU’s announcement dated 6 April 2019, Quetzal’s latest invention offered great convenience to those who would like to practise Peace Meditation in promoting and achieving world peace.

Information source: Latest Announcement on Peace Meditation https://billymeier.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/mitteilung-kg49-20190406.pdf

Main messages of the announcement includes:

  1. Peace meditation pyramid is no longer a must.

  2. Peace meditation can be performed at any time and any date (the current scheduled timetable is still valid).

  3. During scheduled meditation sessions, peace meditation pyramid is still necessary if Synchronization and Amplification Effect is desired.


  1. Peace meditation can be performed without peace meditation pyramids, it can produce similar effect as using pyramids and contribute to achieving world peace.

  2. Time frame for peace meditation is relaxed as well. Anyone can now perform Peace Meditation of 20 minutes per session at any time and date as one wishes, the more frequent the better.

  3. Although peace meditation pyramid is no longer a must, FIGU still encourages using one during scheduled sessions because of its Synchronization and Amplification Effect.

  4. It must be clear that peace meditations practised outside of scheduled time frames have no Synchronization Effect, which produces the best desired result.

  5. In achieving the Synchronization Effect, FIGU CG49 and the 3.5 billion participants of Plejaren Federation will continue with the scheduled peace meditation as usual.

Please consider joining the effort in achieving world peace through Peace Meditation, whether you have or have not a “Peace Meditation Pyramid”. You can perform Peace Meditation at any time, any date, on or outside scheduled time frames.


sa & Bonnie