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~The Original Book~
Front Cover of Oringial Book

Back Cover of Oringial Book
Through Space and Time (Photo Book) [2004 Edition]  ** E-book Version **
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Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Translators:Doris Wagner and Marcia Glenn Original Publisher:Steelmark LLC Original Publish Date:2004 Language: English ( Sample Sample) Color Photos:Over 85 Pages:127 Original ISBN:ISBN-13: 9780971152359  /  ISBN-10: 0971152357 E-book Production:They Fly Productions Media Format:DVD-ROM Text Format:PDF Text Reader:Adobe Reader Weight:Approx. 40g (with simple clear clamshell case)

※ Introduction ※

This is the best English photo journal of Billy Eduard Albert Meier.

Clear daylight colorful photos of various types of Plejaren crafts will surely satisfy the most demanding readers within the world of Ufology.

Semjase told Billy during their very first meeting: ‘‘ For some time now we have had the urge to contact a human being on Earth who sincerely and concretely wants to help us in our mission. We have often tried to do this before, but the selected human beings were neither knowledgeable nor willing enough, and often lacked sincerity and loyalty as well.

But those we could have selected for our endeavors were afraid and remained silent about our coming. They insisted they would be accused of being insane and of lying, and that attempts to harm them might be made through official and foolish human intrigues.

Educated and tutored by the Plejaren from the age of five, Billy Meier fully equipped with what was demanded—knowledgeable, determined and fearless. Their mission is to show the existence of extraterrestrials and offer the opportunity to earth humanity to deliver themselves from the mess they have created all around the world.

The Plejaren offered Billy many opportunities for photo taking and filming, indeed, the photos are of the best quality ever in human history. This book contains most of the extraordinary UFO photos taken by Billy between 1975 and 1981, together with detailed English descriptions, it virtually is a book of history of Billy’s earlier lives.

While the two colourful books of Wendelle Stevens—UFO ... Contact From The Pleiades I & II are now out of print for over 20 years, the availability of this new photo book, which is of better photo and printing quality, is a must have for all those who is fond of studying the Billy Meier case.

Through Space and Time is a collector’s item, even used book are rare and expensive, do not miss the chance of adding this very affordable e-book to your valuable collection.