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The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life  ** Free Online Video ** Producer:Ricardo Ralson & Michael Horn Production:They Fly Productions Release Date:December 2014 Language:German Subtitle:English subtitle for German dialogue Run Time:58 mins Video Channel:YouTube channel TheyFly TV  Watch Video 

※ Introduction ※

Within this newest documentary, there is no UFO, no eye catching phenomenon, just Billy himself answering questions in front of the camera, we can enjoy the actual presence of the most important contactee in the human history.

While we understand that Meier might not give any more filmed interviews in future, this documentary could possibly be the last and most valuable video to see the 76 years old Billy in action.

We can learn a lot from Billy’s answers to:
  • Virtues to Develop
  • Human Relationships
  • Children & Families
  • Egoism Pro & Con
  • Women & the Future
  • Changing the Prophecies
  • The Spiritual Teaching & Evolution
  • The Effects of Swinging-Waves on People
  • Safety in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres
  • How to Safely Reduce Overpopulation
  • Realities of Artificial Insemination
  • Interracial Relationships
  • Combating Terrorism & Racism
  • Understanding Your Dreams
  • The Might of the Thoughts
  • The Truth about Mohammed’s Wives
  • Sinking Islands Due to Rising Seas
  • Fights & Challenges in the Plejaren Federation
  • Plejaren Education
  • Plejaren Use of Drugs & Medication
  • The Different Roles of the Father & Mother
      ... and much more!
Film Trailer: