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~The Original Book~
Front Cover of Oringial Book

Back Cover of Oringial Book
And still they fly!   ** E-book Version **    ** Sold out! Enquiries welcomed! ** Author:Guido Moosbrugger Original Publisher:Steelmark LLC Original Publish Date:2004 Language:English Pages:364 Original ISBN:ISBN-13: 9780971152328  /  ISBN-10: 0971152322 E-book Production:They Fly Productions Media Format:DVD-ROM Text Format:PDF Text Reader:Adobe Reader Weight:Approx. 40g (with simple clear clamshell case)

※ Introduction ※

And still they fly! is the most detailed and comprehensive Billy Meier case report summary in the history; the author Guido Moosbrugger is a 30 years old friend of Billy, he himself also witnessed many UFO incidents. The extraordinary experience and deep research of this FIGU veteran furnished the book with the most interesting information and never before broad coverage, making And still they fly! the first and best choice in studying the Billy Meier case.

This book—now no longer in print—has already become a collector’s item ... selling for US$100 or even higher!

BUT ... we now have it for you in this new, complete e-book version, which also includes the original 37 pages of full-color photographs! It contains information from the Plejaren—published three years before the “official” discovery of Apophis in 2004—about the dangers our world faces if we don’t prevent its impact. Here is more proof positive that Meier is the only authentic extraterrestrial contactee.

In 1975, Billy Meier (Swiss) claiming to have contact with extraterrestrials took this amazingly clear, daytime photo of a UFO. This is only one of hundred of his photos, some of which are exhibited in this book.

When And yet... they fly! was first introduced in 2001, it set the standard for a clear, concise introduction to the extraterrestrial contacts of “Billy” Eduard A. Meier. In simple and easily understood language, author Guido Moosbrugger brings this largely untold story alive with eyewitness accounts, reviews of the scientific evidence and almost 40 color pages of UFO photographs taken between 1975 and 1979.

Moosbrugger’s extraordinary review takes readers directly into the world of UFOs and paranormal activity, offering an unwavering account of Billy Meier and his life as a contactee, as well as in-depth information on extraterrestrial life, an overview of their technical capabilities and the reasons for visiting Earth. It is sufficiently detailed as to satisfy the reader who is contemplating a closer look into the scientific facts of the case or those seeking the most definitive story on Billy Meier and his extraterrestrial contacts.

The second edition, entitled And still they fly!, was updated and expanded to include a new chapter the Henoch Prophecies. These prophecies were given to Billy on 28 February 1987 and have never before been released to the public! The Henoch Prophecies warn of a looming World War III and mention by name, the countries that will be involved. With the ever-increasing change in the world situation, these prophecies serve as an urgent appeal for mankind to change our thoughts and actions and avert a worldwide catastrophe.