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Photo-Inventarium   (Photo Inventory) Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Publisher:Wassermannzeit Publish Date:2014 Language: German ( Sample Sample) Colour Photos:617 Pages:288 Size:DIN A4 Weight:Approx. 1390g Binding:Hardback Printing:Offset Druckerei Pohland (86165 Augsburg, Germany) ISBN-13:9783909154739 Price:HK$750  /  CN¥732   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

In case you choose to buy only one UFO photo book in your life time, and surely it must be the best of all UFO photo books, Photo-Inventarium is the one.

Photo Inventarium is the History Record of Billy Meier’s UFO contacts in Photo, it contains 617 brilliant daytime and nighttime photos, ranges from the year 1964 up to 2004, some of them are never published before, setting the world record that absolutely no UFO contactees can ever come close.

In terms of photo authenticity, clarity, variety, consistency, scenic beauty, sense of perspective, dazzling colour in both broad daylight and complete darkness, etc., there is no comparison whatsoever.

Yet, the most important of all is—this photo book tells and proves the genuineness of the whole story of Billy Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts.

Although written in German, however, a picture is worth a thousand words, one does not actually need to know German to enjoy the beauty of this UFO photo book to his/her heart’s content.