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Front Cover OM   (Omfalon Murado—Navel of Life) Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Publisher:Wassermannzeit Publish Date:2011 (Revised Edition) Language: German ( Sample Sample) Pages:520 Size:DIN A4 Weight:Approx. 1680g Binding:Hardback ISBN-10:3909154174 Price:HK$750  /  CN¥729   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

The Book of Books—The Book of Truth

This book contains the most important creational laws and recommendations, ordering rules and guidelines; goal and task of man in the material and spiritual life, interpreted and explained by the IHWH Ptaah and His prophet Billy.

The symbol that is printed on his book “OM” (an abbreviation of Omfalon Murado) was received from Quetzal. The sign springs from the spiritual teachings and is older than the “Hindi” language.

OM (AUM in Sanskrit) is an ancient word derived from the old Lyrian language, which was long since lost on Earth. The actual meaning of the acronym OM is disclosed when the full significance of both letters are revealed by an explanation of the two words whose first letters are the “O” and the “M”—Omfalon Murado.

When abridged as O and M, these two words Omfalon Murado possess the identical, indeed, an even greater tonal-harmony significance than when the two are fully pronounced as Omfalon Murado. For this reason, the abbreviation “OM” was used and became the traditional form.

The ancient Lyrians referred to their writings about the truth—the BOOK OF TRUTH—also as the OM, OMFALON MURADO, LIFE'S NAVEL or the NAVEL OF LIFE. The text, entitled “OM” incorporates all Creational teachings, that is to say, the book holds all teachings of wisdom and life as a written record. Voice of the Aquarian Age No.50: OM

OM 20:42
“The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power.”

OM 20:95
The human races and peoples of Earth were provided prophets from ancient days, and for this reason were sent to Earth Henoch (Henok) and Elia (Elja), Jesaia (Jesaja), Jeremia (Jeremja), Jmmanuel and Mohammed in direct succession and with ensuing rebirth, next to Johannes and Elijas and Hjob and all hosts of other upstanding and righteous ones, as they also were Buddha, Zoroaster and Babatschi and others.

OM 32:1729
Knowledge moves Mountains, Belief makes Slaves.