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The Buddhist Deception Author:Ben Blijleven Publisher:Books on Demand (Denmark) Publish Date:20 May 2021 Language: Bilingual: German and English ( Sample Sample   Excerpt from Author Excerpt from Author) Pages:716 Size:27 x 19 cm Weight:Approx. 1740g Binding:Paperback ISBN-13:9788743019268 Price:HK$350  /  CN¥340   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

Billy Meier pointed out that Buddha was a prophet and a wise man, who did not build a cult or a religion, but taught “doctrine of the correct way of life”, “doctrine of self-knowledge”, “doctrine of experience” and “doctrine of self-development”, with the aim of promoting mental evolution and the use of mind, reason and the correct handling of life in every respect.

The author of this book Ben Blijleven is a FIGU member. He performed his own research on Buddhism and stayed at SSSC for three months. He consulted Billy and refined his book with unprecedented and valuable cognition on Buddhism from Billy.

What is Lamaism? Was Lamaism originated from Buddha and his teachings?

Buddhism is a cult religion like any other religion and was invented for the sake of exploiting people, to dominate, imprison and exercise power over them. Religions are the cause of retarding our world by thousands of years in spiritual development and are to blame for the fact that many people are misled, thereby preventing them from ever finding the truth of all truth.

Although religions will still flourish on Earth for a very long time, slowly but surely, more and more people are waking up thereby renouncing the “must believe” and side with the “wanting to know”. This is a book for the spiritual advanced and seeker of truth, refreshing the consciousness of the reader, who is taken on a journey through Buddhism, while being introduced to the Creational truth. Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.