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Arahat Athersata Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Publisher:FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada Publish Date:March 2019 Language: Bilingual: German and English ( Sample Sample) Pages:448 Size:DIN A5 Weight:Approx. 720g Binding:Hardback ISBN-13:9780991857371 Price:HK$350  /  CN¥342   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

This is the Teaching of the Spirit-WE-Form ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or its inspirative transmissions and instructions. ARAHAT ATHERSATA is Sanskrit, meaning “The valueful viewer of the times”.

This is an inspired written work of a higher spirit-form, transmitted from an incorporeal, unmaterial and pure spiritual level. ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier was the inspirative recipient of the message which was received and written down from 15 May 1975 to 11 August 1975.

Message to the earthly humanity from the high spirit realm—explanatory on facts:

  • Falsehood and misunderstanding of Religion and Channeling
  • The truth about Mediation
  • Overpopulation the root of all evil
  • Religion Suppresses Science
  • Creational Universal Laws
  • The scheme of preaching Christian Faith to other races