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Peace Meditation Pyramid (Mini)

Peace Meditation Pyramid (Mini)
Peace Meditation Pyramid (Mini) Application:For taking part in the Group Peace Meditation advocated by the Plejaren Objective:Establish a synchronized collective will force for world peace Function: Connect with the pyramid in SSSC, achieving a synchronized group peace
meditation with all participants (Application Guidelines Application Guidelines)
Structure:Pyramid of copper with glued agate No. of Users:Suitable for 2 persons Pyramid Weight:Approx. 60g Pyramid Dimensions:40 x 40 x 65 mm Wooden Box Dimensions:70 x 70 x 95 mm Total Weight of Pyramid & Wooden Box:Approx. 220g Make:SSSC Switzerland Price:HK$1380  /  CN¥1200
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Hong Kong$17$32-$23 upMainland China-$47$80$57 upMacau-$47-$34 upTaiwan-$47$80$165 upSoutheast & South Asia, Korea-$55 up$87 up$115 upAll other countries-$58 up$94 up$163 up

※ Introduction ※

Introduction to Peace Meditation Pyramid:

The peace meditation pyramid amplifies the thought impulse of the meditator, transmits them to the big pyramid in SSSC, achieving a synchronized synergy effect with all peace meditation participants.

In daily lives, one can perform peace meditation at anytime, anywhere, even without a peace meditation pyramid, positive wills are always beneficial to world peace; it is just that, without a peace meditation pyramid, one cannot join in and contribute to that enhanced synergy effect with all other participants.

Introduction to Peace Meditation:

In view of that the Earth Humans is moving towards self-destruction and annihilation in a third world war, the Plejaren advocated the Peace Meditation campaign to save the earth people of which they shared their distant ancestors.

Based on The Might of Thoughts, a synchronized Peace Meditation will concentrate all positive impulses of meditation participants into a forceful might, hopefully will bring earth humans back to their senses, detour before reaching the point of no return.

Semjase the Plejaren proposed a “Peace Meditation program” to Billy in October 1980, participants will include all the people of planet Erra and a huge number of people from the Plejaren universal federation, a total of 3.5 billion participants will produce such a powerful will force, that earth humans will change to the better and political crisis will be resolved.  Through these joint efforts, people of dictatorial countries such as Russia will be freed, walls separating the East and West Germany will topple over ... time will tell.

Together with the Plejaren and their federation members, the FIGU members participated in the “Peace Meditation” for the first time in the spring of 1984, and they insisted for nearly 30 years up to the present time, this is for the sake of cultivating a peaceful future for all humans and their descendants on earth.

The Peace Meditation is scheduled to be held twice a month, it always begin on the first weekend and Sunday, and then on the third weekend and Sunday of the month. The time schedule in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) are 17:30 and 19:00 on Saturdays and 19:00 on Sundays, the duration of each Peace Meditation session is 20 minutes.

It is really easy to take part in the “Peace Meditation”, one only needs to concentrate and recite one simple sentence: “Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!” for the duration of 20 minutes.

This is a voice sample of the sentence:

The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth long time ago by the ancient Lyra-Vega descendants. In English, the sentence means “Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!”

Billy pointed out: Humans must free themselves from their self-created suffering, thoughts determine everything ... (MOTT P.58)

We call upon every rational and responsible human to participate in FIGU’s Peace Meditation. The more people who become involved, the greater and more powerful will be the positive-neutral force!

Together, we can forge our peaceful and prosperous future.

Group Meditation episode:

For more information on Peace Meditation, please visit: http://www.theyfly.com/salome/salome.htm